Lucas Roitman

+1 650 273 6117 | Palo Alto



Adia - Main Industrial and Concept Designer

Co-founded a Drone startup and designed the product. Raised $100k with a valuation of $2.5m. Design leader for a team of 5 in the HAX hardware accelerator in Shenzhen, China.

Produced the concept and industrial design. Laser-cut and 3D-printed prototypes. Graphic design, apps and 3D models


Electronic Arts - Game Developer

Senior videogame interaction designer at “Fifa World”, the social multiplayer soccer videogame, throught Globant.

Worked on User Experience, with realtime graphics and scripting.

Milk & Cookies - Game Developer

Lead a team of 5 artists and developers. Milk & Cookies is a live action third-person multiplayer facebook 3D game. Created in Unity3D in C#, Cg/HLSL shaders, using Blender, 3Ds Max and Video:


Potential Studio - Project Manager

Project Manager, managing a team of 7 people (3 programmers, 3 graphic designers and one assistant). Web and mobile application development for multiple clients in Silicon Valley.

EntreprenX - Product Designer

Product designer for a web startup. Lead a team of 4: 2 designers and 2 programmers. A social network for student entrepreneurs to make their teams and find investors. HTML5, CSS3, Photoshop, Illustrator.


Stanford AI Lab - Researcher

Sebastian Thrun’s lab (from GoogleX and the self-driving car). Using motion to identify objects. AI, 3d models of subjects, and image processing.

Lhymo Media Labs - Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Viewer Software using Artoolkit. Made 3d models, tools and designs. Managed the whole project, made promotional video and sold the product to Lhymo Media Labs.

Airhand - Inventor

Airhand Human-computer interface using Hand Tracking and 3D object manipulation. Designed the look-and-feel, all graphic materials, the user experience itself, made the concept video (recording, lighting, after effects, 3d models).

Concept Video:



English: Fluent

Stanford Bachelor & Masters

Bachelor (with Honors) in Science, Technology and Society.
Masters in Design+AI+HCI Unfinished - will return in a few years.

  • Product design projects with Prof. David Kelley.
  • Honors thesis in Augmented Reality.
  • Filming, improv, dance and acting courses.
  • Business, economics, sociology, and entrepreneurship.
  • CS classes (HCI, Systems, AI, CNNs, Networking).

MIT 6.002x Circuits and Electronics

Online course. Analog and Digital Circuits. -

Harvard HSL1x Copyright

Online course. Law and policy of copyright. Intellectual property

Berkeley CS169.1x Software as a Service

Online honor course.


Spanish: Native

ITBA - Industrial Engineering Fundamentals

Received full merit-based scholarship. Worked on a quarter-long program teaching the fundamentals of industrial engineering and operations research.

ORT - Information Technology

Represented the nation in the international olympiads in informatics (IOI) in Thailand and Italy. Won multiple medals in national and international math & CS competitions. Graduated with honors.


German: Intermediate

UdK - Industrial Design

Studied 3D printing, Solidworks design, mould design, and visited factories in Berlin.

Humboldt - Philosophie des Geldes

Studied marxist and hegelian philosophy in the same university that Marx, Engels, and Hegel attended.

Freie - Politische Ideengeschichte

Studied the history of political ideology, from Plato to Aristotle and contemporary theories of political structures.

CHINA 2015

Chinese: Conversational

Hax - Hardware Prototyping

Made 3D printed design and electronic prototypes using microcontrollers and small ARM computers. Hired and managed a team of 5, at the HAX hardware workshop accelerator in Shenzhen, China.

北京大学 - Chinese Economics & Politics

Peking University is the top university in China for humanities and sciences, politics, business, economics, and management.

I studied Chinese Economics, Urban Design, and International Politics.